Our team

A competitive advantage of URODELIA is its team built around APAVAC: it is experienced and complementary.


It combines expertise in medical chemistry, management and finance.

This team has already written a successful story by transferring from a research laboratory to the international market “a know-how” that has been converted into a global product.
Product sales (a bioactive orthopedic implant) have evolved from 100,000 units at a European level to more than one million through Johnson&Johnson’s international sales network.

Through global research collaborations, the safety and effectiveness of APAVAC on pets has been demonstrated. Most of the significant data was published in February 2014 in the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

The founders

Nicole Rouquet, DG Urodelia

Nicole ROUQUET, General director

Nicole Rouquet (Science Phd) is a recognized expert in the field of calcium phosphate chemistry. She has a dual background in technical and business management .. …


Patrick FRAYSSINET, deputy chief executive officer

Medical doctor and authorized to direct research, Patrick Frayssinet is the author of numerous international publications on biomaterials for orthopedic use and the biology of bone …


Patrick Landanger, partner associate

Businessman and business angel, Patrick Lananger has developed the family group Landanger Camus (number 1 French group of orthopedics) at an international level …