our history

Urodelia is a biotech company based in France, specialized in calcium phosphates chemistry and more precisely hydroxyapatite. This specialization stems from the expertise of its founders who, in a first experience, developed an orthopedic application now marketed worldwide by Johnson & Johnson network.

Convinced of the biomimetic properties of hydroxyapatite and reinforced by their first successful experience, the founding researchers of Urodelia have focused their work on oncology since 2005.

key figures treatment vaccine pet cancer

Key Milestones

  • 2003  Création of URODELIA SA in Saint-Lys (France)
  • 2005 Status Young Innovative Company. Labeling of the immunology research program by the cancer-pole GSO. First clinical trials and first APAVAC patent filing.
  • 2008 Opening of a PAH production company for orthopedics.
  • 2010 Clinical Results in Veterinary Medicine. Opening of capital to individuals.
  • URODELIA has been marketing since 2013 an innovative immunotherapy treatment against pet cancer.

salamandre embleme d'urodelia

The emblem of URODELIA is the salamander. Gifted with tissue regeneration, the salamander belongs to the order of the Urodeles, which regenerate an amputated limb completely. They perfectly illustrate the role of mesenchymal cells of bone tissue.