URODELIA is known world-wide as a company which specializes in calcium phosphates for biomedical use. Its activity is split between production activities and research activities.

Since 2006, URODELIA has been interested in the treatment of cancer and more precisely to the principle of immunotherapy which consists of specifically destroying the cancer cells of a patient using its own immune defenses. These treatments aim to achieve a targeted, autonomous and long-term response.


His goal is to combine his knowledge of the chemistry of calcium phosphates in the development of an immunotherapy technique to teach the body to tackle cancerous tumors. URODELIA developed a personalized medicine based on the purification of autologous proteins specific to tumors by calcium phosphate powders followed by an injection of these same powders associated with the tumor proteins in order to benefit from the adjuvant activity of the cellular immunity of these powders and to carry out an autologous immunotherapy.

An autologous treatment named APAVAC has been developed.

  •  The technology is unique because it is based on the use of the vector called hydroxyapatite. URODELIA’s innovation is to use this calcium phosphate to help fight cancer. From the tumor of a patient, and thanks to the hydroxylapatite particles, APAVAC makes it possible to select tumor proteins as a fingerprint of the cancer, to purify them and to reinject them into the same patient to stimulate his own immune response.
  •  This is a real breakthrough leading to competitive advantages. Indeed, currently, after surgery, cancers are treated with chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy.

Over the last decades, co-treatments have shown significant efficacy. And more recently, immunotherapy options associated with multimodal treatment are proposed. APAVAC is one of these options.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have major disadvantages: lack of selectivity and heavy side effects. Existing treatments in immunotherapy show better selectivity and also reduce side effects.

The APAVAC solution clearly offers specific responses:

  • APAVAC is effective and selective. And thanks to its global action against cancer, it is also active on relapses.
  • APAVAC is safe: to date no side effects have been noted.
  • It is a simple technology that makes it easy to implement, under good economic conditions.

In a few words : APAVAC is efficient and comfortable for the patient.

Moreover, the APAVAC technology is the subject of a reinforced intellectual property: APAVAC is protected until 2034.


URODELIA is also developing two other projects which have given rise to patents and which have applications in the field of oncology:

  • Release of magnetite nanoparticles in contact with cancer cells by injectable calcium sulphates
  • Transfection of cancer cells by ceramic powders.
Why is immunotherapy central to the fight against cancer?