Our commitments in 8 key points

URODELIA is committed to conduct its activities with integrity in compliance with the laws and ethics in the field of animal and human health:

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  1. Ensuring a favorable benefit / risk ratio is importance to us. We are committed to achieving a product without general side effects.
  2. Control our product to ensure a level of quality expected by our customers and health organizations.
  3. Adhere to the principles of good clinical practice and we thus guarantee the rights, the security and the accuracy of the information regarding the realization of the clinical studies
  4. Provide accurate information for the use of our product to our customers.
  5. Respect the standards of transparency and disclosure required by European and international regulations.
  6. In the conduct of our business, we do not propose or accept any values that may influence decisions relating to our business operations.
  7. Strongly oppose any form of discrimination or harassment and are committed to the principles of dignity.
  8. Respect the right to privacy, we are committed to collect and process personal data in accordance with the European regulations in force RGPD.