Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormally large cell proliferation within a normal tissue of the body. All cells are derived from the same cell clone, which has acquired characteristics allowing it to divide indefinitely.

To treat cancer, in addition to the commonly accepted treatments (surgery and chemotherapy), new courses of action have developed. Immunotherapy aims to mobilize the immune system to destroy the patient’s tumor cells.

The treatment developed by URODELIA, is an immuno-oncology treatment.

Thanks to new approaches, cancer is, in some cases, a disease whose appearance can be prevented. Prevention, early detection and genetic analysis are the main means of struggle. They have been widely developed during the last decades.

However, it is not always possible to implement them and the risk of developing cancer for an individual is increasingly high. Treatment becomes essential when the disease occurs.

Fondamental and medical scientific researches have been organized to develop means of combating the development of tumors. Clinical trials have validated many drugs and therapies against cancers in order to:
– increase cure rates
– increase survival rates,
– control the pain,
– reduce side effects.

These pathologies can affect the skin, internal organs, blood cells or bones. This results in very different symptoms and clinical signs. The survival of the patient depends on the course of the disease and the presence or absence of recurrence. For the most severe stages, the combination of available therapies is fundamental: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and, of course, immunotherapy. They make it possible to better treat and manage disease and pain of the organisms.