Investing in the field of the fight against cancers

We are proud of the progress made since the very beginning and very excited to take this step that seemed so far away a few years ago. The uniqueness of our research has led us to face many challenges, both scientific and economic, at every stage. These challenges have strengthened our convictions. We still have to transform the perspectives opened up by research on animals with the hope of helping people affected by cancer and in a therapeutic impasse, due to their weak immune defenses. We are aware that France is a leading country in the quality of cancer care and our dearest wish is to contribute an additional breakthrough in French innovation and bolster this leading position.

Nicole Rouquet, Directrice Générale d’URODELIA


An orientation towards individual investment to keep a freedom of exploitation..

Today, the capital of Urodelia is exclusively owned by private actors (founders: 80% + other actors: 20%).

In 2008, new shareholders joined the founders. They are Business Angels focused on the health industry as well as health professionals (orthopedic surgeons and veterinary doctors).

In 2013, the company opened the capital to the general public.

In 2019, we will continue to grow to use our veterinary oncology technology and fund human health research.


Urodelia, who we are ?

Urodelia, a French research company focused on the development of a therapeutic vaccine in oncology.

Based on the expertise of founders-associates in calcium phosphates chemistry and more specifically hydroxyapatite, Urodelia has developed an autologous vaccine in veterinary medicine whose concept is based on the association between tumour proteins purified from a biopsy of the animal’s cancer cells and hydroxyapatite as a vector for immune stimulation.

About ten animal studies concerning about 15 different cancers have led to the confirmation of the effectiveness of the technology on pets’ overall survival improvement and of its total safety in more than 400 animals (dogs, cats, horses). Based on the results obtained in animals, Urodelia is now entering a decisive phase: the development of its autologous therapeutic vaccine in human oncology.


our partners

Urodelia has developed partnerships are of several kinds: scientific partners, industriel partnerships and French and European institutional partnerships.