URODELIA is a medical research company specializing in the discovery and development of new anti-cancer therapies to strengthen the immune defenses of patients.

URODELIA develops alternative cancer treatments that respect the physiology of the body.

This is a company created and run by scientists and doctors to develop alternative cancer treatments. Its means of research and development are provided by doctors and industrial investors in the biomedical sector.

URODELIA develops techniques resulting in patents which benefit itself and other companies and which are also used in joint ventures. These techniques are generally developed by pooling the skills of the company with other private and public laboratories.

Our emblem is the salamander. Genius of tissue regeneration, salamander belongs to the order of URODELIA which completely regenerate an amputated limb. They perfectly illustrate the role of mesenchymal cells of bone tissue.


From breed dogs to street cats …

As with humans, life expectancy also increases for our pets. The health of our four-legged beings is indeed improving, which allows them to live longer. Our dogs and cats are the focus of our attention, and the benefits of disease prevention are translated into a better quality of life and better vitality. In households, it is natural for dogs or cats to benefit most from these improvements: precaution and prevention of contagious diseases, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis or cancer. There are more and more indications of the use of alternative medicines: these medicines are considered an integral part of the domestic animal health system. And they love it!
The products developed by URODELIA help to improve the quality of life of our animals without causing any side effects or environmental toxicity.