Communiqué presse immunothérapie

Government measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus

March 2020.

Dear customers, dears partners,

Due to the crisis related to the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and in accordance with French government guidelines, URODELIA staff will not be able to insure shipments of APAVAC kits – until further notice.

However, we remain available for all requests by email (

We will keep you informed of the evolution of this situation. Thank you for your understanding in this particular situation. In the meantime, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Communiqué presse immunothérapie

The Monegasque Biennial of Oncology welcomed Urodelia during an oral presentation

February 2020. At the end of January 2020, Nicole Rouquet, President of Urodelia, presented the personalized immunotherapy technology developed by Urodelia at the Monegasque Biennial of Oncology. A presentation which was attended by many participants!

Communiqué presse immunothérapie

Le journal des entreprises devotes an article to Urodelia

November 2019. Urodelia is the subject of an article in the Journal des Entreprises (n-° 387).Nicole Rouquet, President of Urodelia, is interviewed by Fleur Olagnier about the cancer treatment developed by Urodelia, its concept and perspectives

Communiqué presse immunothérapie

The journal “La Semaine Vétérinaire”

October 2019. The journal “la semaine vétérinaire » October 11, 2019” reports on the latest results of the dog cancer treatment studies developed by Urodelia, an article written by Tanit Halfon.

Communiqué presse immunothérapie

The journal “La Depeche Vétérinaire”

September 2019. The  monthly  technical  supplement  to  the  « Depeche  veterinaire »  September  2019 includes an article on immunotherapy in oncology: “Cancer immunotherapy: the next revolution in veterinary oncology? “written by Veterinary Doctor Stéphane Doliger.

Communiqué presse immunothérapie

Survival rates of dogs with lymphoma multiplied by 5,6

May 2019. Urodelia, a French research company focused on the development of a therapeutic cancer vaccine, and a team of Italian veterinary researchers publish promising results issued of 6 years of treatment of 300 dogs that show a survival rate compared to conventional chemotherapy that can be multiplied by 5.6 on targeted diseases.

urodelia développe un vaccin anti cancer


February 2019. Urodelia, a French research company focused on the development of a therapeutic vaccine in
oncology, is seeking to raise 2.5 million euros in 2019 to deploy its technology in veterinary
oncology and fund human health research. Its needs 6 million euros over 3 years.

urodelia italie vaccin anti cancer

A new therapeutic approach against dog B lymphoma

Italy, 2014. Press release in French and Italian