APAVAC is a personalized medicine process that purifies abnormal molecules synthesized by cancer cells in order to present them and gain their recognition by the patient’s immune system. One thus obtains an eradication of tumor cells by the immune cells of patients without significant side effects.

APAVAC is a personalized medicine process designed to stimulate the patient’s cellular immune system against its own tumor.

APAVAC is a personalized immunotherapy treatment. APAVAC is neither a chemotherapy nor a hormone therapy.

Immunotherapy treatment:

Immunotherapy as a tool to fight against cancer is a growing research area, and is found today in more than 700 scientific publications in specialized journals in 2016.

Cancer treatment:

To fight against cancer, APAVAC relies on the development characteristics of a tumor process.

Cancer is characterized by cellular transformation and genetic instability. This results in the presence of different cell clones with extreme antigenic variability and is accompanied by various biological phenomena leading to an escape of the tumor cells to the immune surveillance.

Faced with this phenomenon, the immune system becomes unable to control cell proliferation: it must be re-educated to recognize and specifically address the patient’s tumor cells.

This is the mode of action of APAVAC.

Personalized treatment:

Due to its composition, APAVAC reverses the immune response to cancer cells.

APAVAC is manufactured from the biopsy of the patient’s tumor. The exact reflection of the antigenic identity of the tumor is thus obtained. C The antigenic component of APAVAC corresponds to the proteins of heat shock or HSP, which themselves chaperone the antigens specific to the tumor.

APAVAC contains a vaccine adjuvant composed of hydroxyapatite particles. These particles represent a safe vector as successfully used in human medicine for over 30 years. APAVAC uses the ability of hydroxyapatite to adsorb HSPs and vectorize them within antigen presenting cells.

This composition activates the immune system through a specific response – thanks to tumor HSPs and antigens – and non-specific – thanks to hydroxyapatite.

APAVAC is not a chemotherapy treatment.

APAVAC is a biotherapy with no toxic residues. APAVAC technology is based on multiple complex biological mechanisms.


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